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If you manage swine buildings, the BarnRX app is for you! Spend less time trying to organize tasks and figuring out where to find the products you need – let BarnRX do the work. The app’s convenient task management system helps streamline your monthly barn maintenance calendar by providing you with access to the following:

(A preloaded monthly task list)

(Add your own tasks to customize)

(The ability to simply mark each task complete)

(News feed from ThePigSite and Hog Slat blog)

In addition to handling all of your organization, BarnRX also presents exclusive resources for suggested products to make your job easier, along with a list of area service techs. On top of all of these in-app features, you will also want to take advantage of the recurring BarnRX app promotions and mobile coupons that can be used on or at Hog Slat store locations near you.


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